Angle Frame Bleachers
An affordable way to meet your seating needs.

Stadium Solutions, Inc carries a full line of angle frame bleachers. Angle frame bleachers are an affordable way to meet your seating needs. The units are designed to be portable, but can be made permanent by anchoring to a concrete slab or strip footing. Bleacher frames are offered in either welded galvanized steel angle or aluminum angle construction resulting in years of maintenance-free service. The frames are spaced at 6’-0” intervals to form the understructure of the bleacher.

All planking for bleachers is extruded aluminum. Seat/riser planks have a clear anodized finish while all tread planks are mill finished. Standard units include 3, 5, 10 and 15 row non-elevated units in 15′, 21′ and 27′ lengths. Custom units are available in longer lengths in 6′ increments. Elevated units are available upon request. Many optional features are offered to meet the requirements of your local building code, such as the following:

  • Extra 2″ x 10″ tread planks and 1″ x 6″ riser planks for closure.
  • Guardrail systems available in galvanized chain link or vertical picket railing.
  • Aisles with aisle handrails.
  • Earth anchors to meet wind-loading requirements.
  • Powder coated risers available in 16 standard colors.

Stadium Solutions is proud to announce the six standard product systems that offer something for everyone and every budget.

GTG Series

The GTG Series comes in 5, 8, 10 and 15 rows in 15’, 21’ and 27 lengths. These units include 8” rise/24” tread with double 2×10 mill finish treads, 1×6 risers all rows (double last row only), aisles with mid-aisle grab rail and choice of (3) guardrail systems; Galvanized Chain Link, Aluminum Vertical Picket and Galvanized Vertical Picket.

Universal Series

The 3, 4 and 5 Row Universal Models are an economic solution to meet building code requirements without aisles. Series includes 2×12 anodized seats and 2×10 mill finish treads. These units include a 6”rise/24” tread with the front row seat height being 12”. The bleachers come in 15’, 21’ and 27’ lengths.

Low Rise Series

Our New Low Rise 3 and 4 row Bleachers include 2×10 anodized seats, 2×10 mill finish treads, 6” rise and 24” tread depth. Optional features include galvanized steel angle frame, double footboards, mud sills, rubber bumpers, and tip & Roll configuration.

NRS Series

The NRS Series Units comes in 5, 8, 10, 15 rows and 15’, 21’ and 27’ lengths. These units include 2×10 seats, 8” rise/24” tread, (1) 2×10 tread plank rows 2-3, (2) 2×10 tread planks rows 4-5, (1) 1×6 riser row 4 and (2) 1×6 riser row 5. It includes your choice of three guardrail systems including Galvanized Chain Link, Aluminum Vertical Picket and Galvanized Vertical Picket

Prestige Series

Our New Prestige Series Units come in 3 and 5 rows and 15’, 21’, and 27’ lengths. These units include 8” rise/30” tread with semi-closed deck. These units come with or without aisles. 5 row units include guardrail system of Aluminum Vertical Picket, Galvanized Vertical Picket or Galvanized Chain Link. 3 row units do not include guardrail system.

Luxury Series

Our New Luxury Series Bleacher comes in 4 and 8 row models in 19’, 25’ and 31’ lengths. These units include 2×12 seats, 7” contoured backrests, 14” rise/36” tread with closed deck and 4’ center aisle with handrail. It includes choice of Aluminum Vertical Picket, Galvanized Vertical Picket or Galvanized Chain Link guardrail system.